Top 6 Plastic Surgery Myths

Often, people who have had plastic surgery have been targets of humor and ridicule. Celebrities who have had plastic surgeries have served as the topic of discussion during late night shows. This can be blamed on the lack of proper understanding of how it works. It does not have to remain this way, especially not after the exposure of these plastic surgery myths.

? 1. It is for the vain

When making fun of the procedures, the highlight tends to focus more on vanity procedures such as breast augmentation and facelifts. Plastic and cosmetic surgeries are not the same. Not all plastic surgeries are linked to improving the looks. Some types of plastic surgeries are aimed at minimizing the appearance of scars sustained from accidents or other health conditions. Regardless of the procedure, it will not help you live longer, but it will make your years livelier. People choose plastic surgeries to enhance their quality of life and not for vanity.

? 2. It is for women

Men, just like women, also value good looks. Recent statics show that 15 percent of the people opting for plastic surgery are men. The statistic is not a surprise considering that the competitive job market requires men to look their best. Men in their 40s are growing comfortable with surgical procedures such as gynecomastia, liposuction, and rhinoplasty.

? 3. It is too costly

Statistics state that most individuals opting for plastic surgeries have an average annual income of $80,000. This implies that most are middle-class income earners. Many procedures are cost effective, and most plastic surgeons offer a range of flexible financing options.

? 4. Recovery takes a very long time

Research on surgical methods, pain control, and anesthesia has led to a reduction in the downtime linked to recovery after a surgical procedure. Complications such as nausea have decreased remarkably making it easier for patients to get back to their normal lives within a shorter period.

? 5. Women should wait until they are 60 to go for plastic surgery

If you expect to get to the postmenopausal stage for you to go for surgery, you may not get your desired results. Usually, older patients end up with “overdone” looks. This is because the skin is pulled substantially to achieve the contour improvements you would want. However, it could have been easier to maintain this look had the procedure been done at an earlier stage.

? 6. You will not have scars after the procedure

Any time your skin is cut, a scar is bound to result. The visibility of a scar depends on where the incision is made, the care given after surgery as well as how the incision is closed. What plastic surgeons do is to lessen the appearance of the scar. Usually, the plastic surgeon will make an incision in a place where there are natural creases which help in concealing the scar. All the same, there will be physical evidence of the surgery.