7 Signs that Indicate You Need to See a Chiropractor

7 Signs that Indicate You Need to See a Chiropractor

Most people seek the help of a chiropractor when something is terribly wrong with their bodies and medication alone won't cure the pain. However, that must not be the case. A chiropractor should be sought not when things are wrong but in order to prevent things from going wrong. Regular chiropractic care can help strengthen and mobilize your muscles and prevent them from straining. Much like regular exercise, chiropractics can also improve your physical and emotional well-being. There are certain signs that let you know it's time to see a chiropractor. Here are seven of those signs that you must not ignore. 1.Headaches Frequent headaches can be caused by a variety of reasons, including an improper diet, dehydration, or wrong posture. A chiropractor will help diagnose the cause of the headaches, relieve the symptoms, and improve blood flow to the brain. The chiropractor may also suggest changes in diet and lifestyle. [caption id="attachment_206" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Image by Pixabay[/caption] 2. Joint pain When we have joint or muscle pain, our first impulse is to pop an aspirin. What we forget is that an aspirin treats only the pain, but not the root cause. When you visit a chiropractor, you get to the root of the pain. It could be weak muscles, joint stiffness, or a misalignment of your musculoskeletal structure. Chiropractic care relieves the symptoms and helps get rid of the cause. [caption id="attachment_207" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Image via Pixabay[/caption] 3.Poor posture We don't realize we have poor posture until it started bothering us. Poor posture results in aches and pains in various parts of the body. The upper back, neck, and shoulders are the areas most affected by poor posture. The pressure can even make the discs and bones shift and create problems like a slipped discs or a hernia. A chiropractor will align the spine and minimize the symptoms. [caption id="attachment_208" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Image by Pixabay[/caption] 4.Back pain Chronic back pain is a problem faced by many people. It's also one of the most vital signs that indicate you need to see a chiropractor. In most cases, back pain isn't something that would require surgery or medications. Exercises, strengthening of the muscles, and proper alignment of the structure are often useful in treating back pain. Don’t forget back stretching. A chiropractor can teach you some poignant stretches that will keep your back healthy for a long time and prevent you from having serious back pain. [caption id="attachment_209" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Image by Pexels[/caption] 5.Arthritis If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, you should see a chiropractor. Chiropractic care relieves pain through physical therapy and also helps maintain the condition, preventing it from it from spreading. [caption id="attachment_210" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Image by Pixabay[/caption] 6.Accident-related injuries Even after you recover from an accident, there is injury-related pain that keeps troubling you. A chiropractor will help relieve the symptoms through gentle exercise and physical movements, which reduce muscle stiffness and increase mobility. A chiropractor can also diagnose internal injuries that you may not be aware of, and refer you to a medical professional. [caption id="attachment_211" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Image by Wikimedia Commons[/caption] 7.Neck pain Pain in the neck that doesn't go away with medications requires chiropractic care. Bad posture, muscle stiffness, and misalignment in the spine can cause neck pain. With the help of physical therapy and exercises, symptoms can be relieved and flexibility enhanced. [caption id="attachment_212" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Image by Pixabay[/caption] Chiropractic care can help you lead an overall healthy lifestyle. If you suffer from any of the above issues on a fairly regular basis, consult a chiropractor for expert guidance and care.

Tired Of Seasonal Allergies Ruining The Springtime? See A Chiropractor

Spring is right around the corner and with it comes pleasantly mild temperatures, beautiful flowers and the sound of birds singing. However, for many people, spring also means allergy season and sufferers are forced to stay inside and wait the season out. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, maybe it's time to start seeing a chiropractor.

Over-the-counter allergy drugs may help temporarily relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies, but these drugs only work for a few hours at a time and don't actually address the root problem. A chiropractor, on the other hand, can correct the bodily cause for your allergy symptoms.

What Causes Seasonal Allergies? Allergy symptoms such as sneezing, swollen sinuses and coughing are the result of your immune system overreacting to environmental irritants such as pollen. Your immune system views these allergens as a threat to the body even though they are actually harmless. Why the immune system responds this way is not totally known. However, by improving the overall function of your immune system, your allergy symptoms can decrease dramatically. What Can Chiropractic Care Do for Seasonal Allergies? A chiropractor is more than a specialist who fixes neck, back and shoulder pain. He or she has studied the central nervous system that stems from the spine. The majority of Canadians have misalignment along their spines, also known as subluxation. This subluxation affects the function of the nervous system and the way it communicates with the rest of the body. If your spine is out of alignment, your central nervous system is not communicating with your immune system properly. This means that your immune system can't function at its full capacity, resulting in conditions like seasonal allergies and frequent colds. A chiropractor can treat this by making small adjustments to your spine over a period of time. Once your spine is back in alignment, your immune system should run much more effectively and your seasonal allergy symptoms should decrease dramatically. Is Chiropractic Care Dangerous? A chiropractor is highly trained to practice safe techniques on your body. He or she will gently manipulate your spine with their hands or various tools. A typical chiropractic procedure takes only five minutes and is completely painless and harmless. How Much Chiropractic Care Do I Need to Alleviate My Allergies? In order to reap the most benefits of chiropractic care, you should receive an adjustment at least once a week. This will ensure that proper alignment of your spine is not only achieved but also maintained. Conclusion If seasonal allergies are causing you to dread the spring season, it's time to look into receiving chiropractor care. Regular spinal adjustments won't just relieve your allergy symptoms but also treat the root cause of the problem and prevent symptoms from occurring again in the future.  For more information about chiropractic benefits visit: https://www.chiro-med.ca/