Dental Care for Seniors Without Insurance

Having a healthy mouth is imperative to the physical health of an individual. Medical experts have reported that for individuals to be in peak physical condition, their oral health must be good. Contrary to what people believe, there is a close correlation between the overall health of an individual and their and their oral health.

Some of the merits of having good oral health include the ability to chew without pain, tasting what is being chewed, and not having bad breath. For seniors, the importance of having good oral health doubles. This is because as people age, their bodies become susceptible to diseases. That is why it would be ideal for them to have regular dental check ups and employ the services of dental implants Toronto. However, there are seniors that have to medical cover but below are some low cost and free dental care options for the seniors.


This website is entirely dedicated to health resources for the senior citizens. In addition to the informative articles that can be found on the site, there is a care locator tool that will direct you to where you can find free and low cost dental services in your area. All you need to do is to click on your state and you will find a list of the resources you are looking for. The site is run by Oral Health of America and it is dedicated to increasing the oral care of the citizens.

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2. Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

This program is dedicated to helping individuals to meet their health care needs in the society. They offer a variety of services including dentistry. For individuals to access these services, they have to be above the age of 55. In addition to that, they have to be a resident in the place that the services are being offered. They also have to be deemed eligible for home care.

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3. Dentistry from the Heart

It is a non-profit initiative that offers free dental services the individuals in need. Dentists and hygienists volunteer and they donate their time to go for events around the country. During these events, they offer treatment that includes cleaning, filling, and the extraction of teeth to their patients. The treatment options are limited due to the large number of patients that turn out.

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4. Dental Life Network

This organization offers free dental services to individuals who are handicapped, medically at risk as well as the elderly. It is a successful flagship program that has attracted around 17,000 volunteer dentists. Moreover there are over 3500 laboratories that have been dedicated to provide these services.

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For senior citizens with no insurance, the above dental care initiatives can be of great help to improve their overall dental health.