6 Myths About Tummy Tuck Busted

An abdominoplasty is often referred to as a tummy tuck is a surgical procedure to remove excess fat around the abdomen and tighten the skin.

The procedure is very common among celebrities, who want to flaunt a great washboard abs with the help of cosmetic methods. But despite the popularity of the procedure, there are several misconceptions surround tummy tucks.

These myths often give rise to unnecessary fears and doubt in the minds of those who want to go through the procedure. Those who want to undergo a tummy tuck must know the fact from the rumors. Before getting a tummy tuck in Toronto, here are six myths that you must not believe in.

1.Tummy tuck leads to scars

There are two factors that cause ugly scars after a surgical procedure. The first is the genetic makeup of the person, and if they are prone to developing hypertrophic or keloid scars.

The second is the precision and accuracy with which the procedure is performed. The more precise and accurate the surgery is, the less the chances of scars. Under a qualified cosmetic surgeon, the incision heals quickly and leaves a smoother tummy behind.

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2.Tummy tucks are painful

Any surgery comes with some amount of pain, but the anesthetic administered before the procedure takes care of the pain. Tummy tucks are far less painful than medical procedures. Besides, when you choose a qualified, focused, and experienced cosmetic surgeon, you can expect to feel no pain at all.

After the surgery, you must follow the instructions of your cosmetic surgeon to recover without complications. Pain relieving medications are also administered after the surgery to help the patient be more comfortable.

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3.Tummy tucks lead to complications

Any surgical procedure comes with its share of complications and risks. However, tummy tuck in Toronto is completely safe, if the surgeon is qualified and experienced, and if post-operative instructions are followed properly. Caring for the scar, looking after your body, and following other instructions given by the surgeon are some of the steps to reduce the risk of complications.

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4.Tummy tucks help in weight loss

Abdominoplasty is performed to remove excess fat from the tummy region and tighten the skin. A tummy tuck doesn’t do anything more than that. It doesn’t lead to weight loss. If you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle, the fat will be back in no time. Therefore, you are in for a surprise if you get a tummy tuck expecting to lose weight.

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5.It isn’t possible to get pregnant after a tummy tuck

A tummy tuck is recommended only after the person has stopped having children because pregnancy can change the shape of the abdomen back to the previous state again. However, there is no risk of getting pregnant after a tummy tuck. The myths propagating that it’s risky to get pregnant after a tummy tuck are completely untrue.

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6.Tummy tucks lead to permanent nerve damage

This isn’t true. The abdominal region remains numb for a few months, and then it gets alright. There is no damage to the nerves.

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Getting a tummy tuck is a safe procedure. For a tummy tuck, Toronto, make sure you only consult qualified and judicious cosmetic surgeons for the best results. You are in the right place; call us today!